Mr wealth
Mr. Wealth Set to Release a New Song.
5 Things to Expect

Mr.wealth set to release a new song.

In this Blog post we share a one on one interview we had with the Ever Blasing Music Minister who is our Spiritual HeadMr. Wealth.

In his Upcoming Sound titled Lion of Judah, these are the five(5) things to Expect.

We asked him the following questions and these are his answers.

Question 1:

How did you Get the Song?

Mr. Wealth:  On the day of My retreat. I had encounters that birthed the whole of the songs in SATURATED PROJECT.

But the song LION OF JUDAH was specifically born from the Revelation of the scripture in Revelation 5 as I meditated on it in my prayer time and retreat, the spirit began to erupt the sound within me spontaneously. That was how it was gotten.

Question 2:

What dimension of God will the song bring people into?

Mr. Wealth :

Lion of Judah is a song I am so excited to share with my fans. I am aware that many persons are struggling with sin, guilt, shame and doubt.

The song LION OF JUDAH is a song that will open them up to the roaring dimension of the Redemptive work of Jesus.

It is a song that will awaken the dominion of salvation and transport them into the Holy of Holies to worship the majesty of God.

Question 3:

Why the name the Lion of Judah?

Mr. Wealth:

Well, I choose the name because it is redemption sensitive.

Judah in Israel is a clan of power and dominion. So the name is the closest in trying to describe the Dominion and majestic nature of salvation.

Mr. Wealth Set to Release a New Song.
5 Things to Expect.

Because, Jesus died as a Lamb but he resurrected as a Lion. This all was captured in Revelation 5.

Question 4:

 What is the release date of the song

Mr. Wealth

Well, the release date basically rests on my fans. If they push the publicity and anticipation of the song well enough, we may just drop it shortly.

However, The month of release still remains JULY, but the release date may be on the second or third week as the case may be. It all depends on my fans, once I sense their demand for the song is strong enough, then I know they are ready for it and it will be released that week.

So, Let’s just keep working and anticipating.

Question 5:

What are the 5 things we should be expecting from the song?

  • Expect an atmosphere of Glory:  The song will bring you under the atmosphere of Glory just in few minutes of listening. You will literally feel it all over your body.
  • Expect prayer power: Expect to pray effortlessly. Lion of Judah is a worship and prayer material. And this is why we choose to do it in a Live Recording so that we will be unscripted.
  • Expect Excellence: Live Recording is quiet different from a studio work. There are some mishaps that comes with it. But in all, we worked towards achieving excellence especially as is needed for the song.
  •  Expect to Hear new voices from my Team: This time, I had two members of my Team jump in on the song.Two very anointed worship leaders God has helped us train and mentor over the years. Expect to hear them in the song
  • Expect to Cry: Hehe! Get your Handkerchief ready by your side when listening because the atmosphere the sound will create on you may make you burst into tears.

Some songs don’t require plenty things, so I am sure that the level of Excellence in the song is exactly what is needed for it. Anything more may spoil it.

The Singers Tribe:

Wow! Awesome sir, we can’t wait to share in all of these EXPERIENCE.

Especially the part we would 😭 cry.

We are indeed blessed to have you Father.

We pray for more Uplifting Sounds.

Thank you for the privilege to have an Interview with you.

We Love you ❣️

Family let’s all join in anticipation and prayers.

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Download Lion of Judah by Mr.Wealth & TeamRem

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