There are two extremes each minister, preacher and teacher must watch out for.
This extremes are matters on WAITING AND MANIFESTATION.
I once read an article from a music minister.
He was hammering on ministers waiting enough to be prepared before doing ministry.
In so doing he presented Longevity of preparation as a sure guarantee to impact. In other words, the measure of impact you make in the ministry depends on how long you have waited and usually, the reference of how Jesus took 30 years to prepare for a ministry he will do for three years always follows.

We must be careful how we thread on this matters. Presenting longevity in waiting as a criteria for ministerial impact is a risky EXTREME we can’t afford to buy into. It is assumed Jesus took 30 years to prepare for ministry. How many years did John take to prepare? How many years did Paul, peter, John and other apostles take to prepare? Probably 4, 5, 6 or 9 years at most. Did they make unforgettable impacts? Yes! You see? There really is no one way to this things.

God told me in my early days of waiting, that he has no issues introducing me to the world in one year, if only I can learn all he wants me to learn within a year. This thing is largely depending on your response to learning and prompt obedience to Gods instructions for your life.

I took about 6 pages discussing phenomenal thoughts on “Understanding waiting and manifestation” in my oncoming book “Dear Minstrel Book” which basically addresses strong foundational matters. It surely is your best kit for preparing you for ministry. It will be launched on 17th July for 3000, but pre-orders for 1500 is still on.

I write to teachers, mentors, and preachers
Don’t put this young minstrels under unnecessary pressure.
That you waited on God for 20 years does not mean that everyone else must wait for 20 years 🤦.
Our waiting period will be determined by this 3 things:
1. Obedience to Gods instruction for our lives.
2. Our quick response to the process of learning and capacity building.
3. Our quick response to the development of Character and growth.
Again, There is no one way to this things.
Mentoring people from experience is one of the most faulty way of leading people.
If Mary in the bible was to teach about child conception from experience she probably would have said, you don’t need a man. Just get intimate with the Holy Spirit and you will get pregnant. Can you see such error and frustration that will birth? Not knowing that such experience was only peculiar to her calling.
On the other hand.
Dear Minstrels,
It is also important that you don’t rush off.
It is important that you wait on the Lord in service before kicking off with ministry.
By this, I have not presented longevity as a criteria to determine quality waiting.
It really is not longevity that determines a quality waiting, it is the level of learning gained, character formed, and capacity built that determines a quality waiting.
Set your goals on what you need to learn now, and the capacity you need to build. Start giving yourself to the process. You really are not waiting if you are not preparing, or learning anything.
Don’t deceive yourself.
In the real sense, you are not really the one waiting on GOD. God is the one waiting on you. He wants to see how serious you will finally become with service and learning. Gain a balanced perspective on this things else, You may be waiting where God has moved, or move when God is still waiting.
Thank you for reading.
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