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Project Bethel: The Love Story this October in Uniport

Project Bethel; the Love Story this October in Uniport

    Project Bethel; the Love Story this October in Uniport

Project Bethel: The Love Story this October in Uniport

Get Ready to worship and experience God’s love with Mr. Wealth at Project Bethe (The love story) live in Port Harcourt.

Hey there, music lovers and spiritual seekers! Get ready to mark your calendars because Port Harcourt is about to witness something truly spectacular. This years project bethel event is one event that is set to change and impact your life.

Who’s Behind the Magic?

Mr. Wealth is a passionate minstrel and worship minister with a mandate to set men on fire for God. He is passionate about the presence and power of God and likes to talk about it in his songs. Some of his songs widely sung are:

Ebenezer, Lion of Judah, Yahweh, Darling, Sold out and much more

His songs have been instrumental in sparking revival, healings and transformation in the lives of those who hear, listen and sing it.

So What’s Project Bethel All About?

Project Bethel is beyond a concert. It’s a spiritual move. It’s about people coming together under one roof irrespective of race and colour to worship and honour Jesus and experience His love for them.

These are the previous project Bethel pictures and editions.

This is the last Love Story in 2018

The Jesus stroy in 2018 at citybuilders christian Faith Center
We love Jesus
Previous project editions
The wine story
Project Bethel
The love story
Project Bethel
Previous project Bethel

To be a part this you can join the volunteer group and if you plan to attend, register here by getting your personalized dp

Previous project bethel editions
Project Bethel

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Why Should You Be There?

1. Revival climate: People who have attended previous editions of project bethel have confessed to being revived and infused with new passion and love for Jesus and His presence. This edition promises nothing but more of that.

2. Soulful Worship: At Project Bethel, it’s not just about the music; it’s about connecting with your faith on a deeper level. You’ll experience worship in a way that fills your soul and leaves you feeling renewed.

3. Community and Fellowship: Apart from the revival atmosphere, at project bethel, you get to meet fellow people who share are passionate about Jesus and His kingdom. You get to connect to amazing persons and build edifying relationships.

How to Participate:

Mark your calendar, set a reminder, or tie a string around your finger – do whatever it takes to remember the date of Project Bethel. Trust us; you won’t want to miss this! Keep an eye on Mr. Wealth’s social media channels for updates and other information.

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