Download I hail by Graced Favour 

Graced Favour is a seasoned worship Leader, Gospel Artist, and a Lover of God.

The song, i hail was born out of koinonia(a deep intimacy with the father).

It’s a song you can worship with, pray with and connect with anytime you feel a disconnection. It carries the power to connect you back to Abba.

It was produced by UncleMusic (Mr Daniel) I hail,  its a gift to the world as Min. Graced Favour marks her  birthday today,16th October, 2022.

Stay connected to the father and always ask for more of His Love.

Download, share and keep listening to the song and remain Blessed.

©Graced Favour.




Ahhhhh!Eeehhhh my Father i hail, Tongues…

Ehhh, my father i hail oh,Tongues Ehhhhhhhhh, ehhhhhhh

Heyyyyyy, my father i hail oh, lifting up , holy hands holy voices, My father i hail oh

Echo…Hey hey hey my father i hail oh.I worship you in the morning in the noon Lord,my father i hail oh


Let my essence rise up to you,My father i hail oh echo…

Beautiful God, I bless your name, beautiful God i worship you.

You are God ,you are God and God alone, You are God ,you are God all by yourself.  I wave my hands and worship you (2x)

You are God, You are God and God alone, oh you are God and you are God all by yourself.

I worship you , i bless your name(2X)

You are God

You are God and God alone, you are God , you are God all by yourself.Ehhhhhh,My father i hail o,(4x)Tongues and echo…

The Angels together, crying Holy Holy Holy, Holy Lord God almighty i hail oh Instruments till fade…


I hail by by Graced Favour
I hail you by Graced Favour

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