The Mystery Of Music

Music in the 3rd Heaven of God's throne is life to the soul of man. But on earth, music has it adulterated form; many say it is food for the soul but it is only food or life to the soul when it is free from all satanic influences. The adulterated form of music that should be avoided was first called Nebuchadnezzar's kind of music which glorifies satan and destroys humanity

Music does two things; It either brings you to light or keeps you in darkness. Remember, if King David of old played music on an instrument and it expelled an evil spirit from king Saul and left his soul well and refreshed, in the same vein, evil spirits can take hold of a man if a wrong kind music is played on an instrument. Music is either an order of worship to God from man, inspired by the Holy Spirit or an order of worship to satan from man, inspired by evil spirits. The level of damage or positive impact made by music to humanity is dependent on the yieldedness of the vessel whether in secular or gospel.

Music is a vehicle that carries sound, lyric and motion (dance) and the uncovered souls to either God or satan. Music which is under the mountain of Art and Entertainment employs the services of true worshippers for Light and soul hunters for darkness. True worshippers host God through his Spirit, while soul hunters host Satan through evil spirits. The true power of music is to uncover a person to spiritual intimacy with either the Holy Spirit or evil spirits. When we start singing or dancing we start worshipping either satan or God, and as we continue we find ourselves completely taken over. Music leads to actions; positive or negative depending on the spirit in control. When the spirit takes over, you will find people dancing and singing unashamedly. When you listen to demonic songs, you dance and sing dirty which in turn open you up to the workings of the flesh.

Conversely,When you listen to Holy Spirit inspired songs you dance and sing joyfully which in turns gives you access to the waters of salvation. (2Sam 6:20-21). David laid uncovered as the Holy spirit took over him. Let's be careful to the music we take in, sing and dance to. Life holds no apology for ignorance.


Mentorship Fallacy


I was perplexed when I discovered that Mercy Chinwo submits to Chioma Jesus and I asked why?Then I discovered that Mercy Chinwo is a wise follower. What do you use as a yardstick to measure up true FOLLOWERSHIP?It was possible for Mama Mercy to start singing exactly like Mama Chioma Jesus but didn't. Lawrence Oyor came up and almost everyone wanted to sound like him because he chants causes encounter. They thought is was as a result of his style of music and sound.You may have his intonation but if that is not your strategy given to you by God, you're wasting your time.What is your tune and what has God given you to work with?When you listen to Mercy Chinwo's songs, you would notice that she always reveals the love of Christ and his authority in her lyrics, she sings about the finish work of Christ.

What is your message?Gospel music is simply singing and writing about the Gospel of Christ.That is why it may shock you to know that Theophilus Sunday does not even write songs and yet his lyrics are powerful. Yet you write and your songs don't carry weight.A man that discovers his template and messages whatever he writes carries spiritual weight.Who has brought us here?I went for a program and I discovered a Minister that has scored Lawrence and Theophilus,I was saddened in my heart.This is the reason why you do their songs and yet it looks as if nothing happened but when they do it every thing takes shape.Demons aren't moved by the sound but how your sound strikes chord spiritually. Stop using the template of another man to run your Ministry!

Carefully look at Yadah Kingborn, she's always revealing the finished works of Christ and his deeds for us.What is your message in your music?What is the template given to you by God?Spiritual succession is not about copy and paste.The intonation may sound alike but that does not mean you have the mantle.Why leave your template and copy another man's?When you listen to Judikay songs, she reveals the deeds of Christ and sings about Angels.When you listen to Theophilus Sunday song, he focuses on the church, revival and restoration.All his sounds are to bring and make Jesus the centre of reverence.Mercy Chinwo can never sound like Mama Chioma because she understands her sound.Powerful music ministers are gradually leaving their sound to chase that of another, If it's what God Instructed you; then there is no problem.But if it's not, you will find it hard releasing sounds that blesses souls That you sound like Lawrence does not make it a Blessing. That you sound like Theophilus Sunday does not make the sound a Blessing.What makes the sound a Blessing is simply because you understand what God wants you to do. When men releases sound and you see it bless life, it is not just because they structured it well but because they understand their pattern.That's why WERELO, BY Micheal Rich, I NEED YOU by Great Kind, THE BILL by GUC, ATM by GUC, MY BELOVED by Mr. Wealth, MORE THAN EVER by Gaberial Jasper, I TESTIFY by Gaberial Jasper, etc.are blessings to the listeners because it was birthed out of the secret place.Until you learn this, you will keep sounding like another without blessing lives. Music is in diamension and types.There are a million sound yet to be discovered.

Beloved, please follow God and sound exactly how he wants you to sound, don't sound like another man.

I have heard many even preach like Papa David. It's well! If it's your template fine but if it's not you're doing ministry but not pleasing God. Followership and Modelling is good but not to the expense of the kind of music God desires from you. Richie says let's stay and try to please God while we model and follow others that will Instruct and guild us.Don't follow a man or model a man until it becomes at the expense of your relationship with God and Ministry!Learn to always be close to God even while you follow the persons he wants you to follow not because of copyright but for self discovery and of your sound.



What do you do with pain?

There is a wisdom of God that takes away the grieve and trauma of pain and anguish. It is called the realm of understanding. Understanding why it happened, understanding the spiritual meaning of the event. Maybe understanding why the proposal did not push through. Paul said in his letter to the Philippines that 'For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. (Phil1:21) Paul in that chapter was telling the Philippines that he understands why he is going through all that he going through, remember that he was writing these letters in prison and sending to them. So he was emphasising that it is when you get the understanding of #pain that is when it becomes #gain to you. When you understand why it is happening in the first place, when the understanding comes the strength to bear the pain comes. It can interchangeably be called the realm of possibilities where because of your understanding of the word of God, everything including the ugly and horrible things begins to work for your good. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you why this process is necessary for your destiny. #StayStrong



Do not run because you see others running, you could crash. Do not talk because you see others taking you could say the wrong things. Do not be in a relationship because of what you have seen others accomplish in their relationship, your results may be different. Do not become a personality you admire, if you haven't known the story behind their fame. Be Convinced before taking any Action Have #AnEcounter #TheSingersTribe