May 25, 2020
June 11, 2020
This is what we all need to learn about sharing and recommending other peoples songs:
1. It doesn’t reduce you, neither does it make you inferior.
2. If you only share a persons song in hope that they will share yours one day you will reap the wind, because when they don’t share it you will fall into bitterness. Your motive should first be kingdom oriented. If it blessed you your response In appreciation to that blessing should be to bless others with it by sharing and commending it you must not have a good relationship with them.
3. The people you share their song may not share yours but please understand that there’s nothing you give that ever comes back to you in the same measure. Everything you ever give out comes back to you in a greater measure. The little support you give out will build into a big support for you when you need It not necessarily from the people you supported but even from strangers you don’t know. You may not reap where you sowed but you will always reap what you sowed.
We must begin to re-teach the act of selflessness which is the culture of the kingdom.
Some ministers are so much in bitterness with one another because when they shared their songs the other party did not share back.
All of that childish bitterness is needless when you understand that there is nothing you give that doesn’t come back to you in fact the way to receive a bigger measure of a thing is to give out the small measure of it that you have.
Do all you do with this understanding this is how you guard against bitterness when your gesture is not responded.
Again the condition here is If a song blessed you, it is only righteousness to share and bless others with it.
Your reward is not in the fact that the other minister ended up sharing your song back, you shall have God as your reward when you need support in pushing your songs too he will never leave you without all the support you need.
This is your reward.
God never jokes with selflessness.
He never leaves it unrewarded.
Blessed is the man who observes to do all that is written herein.