Dear Ministry Series by Mr. Wealth
May 10, 2020
June 4, 2020
Dear Young Minstrel
I hope to present this as a guide to aid you to find credible mentorship for ministry.
Yea, mentorship is indispensable for ministry
No matter how much you press into God alone when he wants to bring you into a certain spiritual reality he sends you a man to disciple you into that spiritual reality.
There is such a thing as spiritual parenting and you must not play down on that.
Because mentorship for ministry is a critical thing I will provide this few templates to help you find credible mentorship.
1. The persons life must inspire yours: Our lives as humans is in daily need for inspiration. But most of all as ministers one of our greatest need is the inspiration to pursue the Lord.
The man you seek as a mentor must have a life worthy of inspiring you to seek God.
You should only need a mentor if you are determined in finding God this is where a mentor comes in. When you look at him or her do you feel like loving God more?
Does he/she manifest Gods character and power in a way that inspires your faith to pursue God? If yes, that’s it. Go for the mentorship.
2. Check your motive: You can’t hide around people with the wrong motives for long. It will soon be obvious why you came for mentorship in the first place.
Some of you fame is your drive to looking for a mentor you want someone who can push you to fame.
For some access is their drive.
The feeling of been close to a celebrity is the reason why they are looking for mentorship.
How you know Is that they never obey your instructions or follow in your footstep.
They want to chat you up every morning, night and day for no reason basically but to just keep feeling close and suck up your time but you never see them partake in the things you do, you never see them yield to the processes you yield yourself too nor obey instructions especially the ones that should make them grow.
Whats really your motivation for mentorship?
If your focus is not God.
You don’t need mentorship else you will see fame and noise in people and follow because that’s what you are looking for.
If your motivation is God you won’t follow people whose life do not radiate the God dimension you desire.
A true mentor should point your life to God, his life should inspire you to seek God more.
His life must be plain enough such that looking at him you can see the blueprint which he follows in finding God. Follow after that Blue print and you will find God. Make sure your motive is to find God because that will determine how you follow and serve.
3. Check for Access: If God desires for a man to mentor you he furthers that desire by given you access. The access naturally comes, you will feel that deep spiritual connection, his words and lifestyle will always quicken your heart to pursue God. Access here does not mean you chat him up and he replies you in 2seconds lol. I mean a spiritual connection that draws you to him.
4. Does he have your time? I know some mentors are busy but the ones God designed for you will in one way or the other make time for you no matter how little. This does not mean anybody who makes plenty time for you is your mentor oh! Haha! Please be discerning.
5. Does he look like your future in God?: He must look like where you want to be in God not where you have been in God.
If you find this 5 basic factors then don’t hesitate go for the mentorship.
Stop looking for connection, fame and popularity
That’s how you end up with the wrong people.
Calling a man your mentor and never following in his footstep will make you a direct opposite of what the man is.
You don’t need a mentor if you are not determined to follow in his footstep to find God.
Just as Jesus is the way to God, so are men the way to Jesus through the Holy spirit.
Anytime Jesus wants to reveal himself to a million people he first starts by Revealing himself to one man then he extends by revealing himself through that man to a million others.
You can find God by following after the footsteps of men who have at least found a dimension in God.
If none of the Grace in your mentors life is working check how you follow.
Here is just one secret I will tell you then I won’t say it again.
Find out what the secret of your mentor is, find out what processes he yields to that makes him manifest the kind of dimension he does.
Some of your mentors are not the prayer type but they sow radically and thereby partake in peoples Grace if you must manifest his dimension you must learn the art of seed sowing.
Some of them don’t know how to sow but they give themselves to prayers and fasting more consistently, if you must manifest what they manifest you must follow in that footstep.
There are no quick fixes to this things.
There are two ways to manifest God:
1. You must see Jesus alive in the word
2. You must see Jesus alive in a man.
The first one Reveals Jesus to you, the second one reveals practical steps to yield to in finding Jesus.
It works like science
If i put 1+1 to get 2, if you follow and put 1+1 you will get 2 too.
This is how it works.
If you follow the path your mentor followed to find Jesus you will find Jesus too.
You have no right to call any man your mentor when you can’t follow in his footsteps.
Stop deceiving yourself
Soonest it will be clear to all that you are just deceiving yourself.
Because they will look at his life and compare his with yours, they will check if your life is producing at least the same effect his own is producing and when they find the opposite they will know you were deceiving yourself all this while.
You never really followed.
You were just so loud about who is your mentor but not humble enough to follow the processes he follows to God.
True followership and mentorship will make it easier for you to find God.
If its hard to find God check the way you follow your mentor.
Just like the measure to check how much you love God is to check how much you love your neighbor.
In the same way the truest measure to check how much you follow God is to check how much you follow the sent man over your life.
Again There are no quick fixes to this thing.
If you can’t submit under a man you can’t submit under God.
You cannot submit under God without submitting under a man.
When God wants to reveal a dimension of himself to you
He sends a man your way, men who have walked that dimension to shepherd you into that experience.
You must be disciplined to follow thoroughly.
You can’t say I am your mentor and you are carrying women up and down, you will look exactly the opposite of me part of my process to the dimension of God I see is PURITY, you can’t say Lawrence Oyor is your mentor and you are not given to prayers, you will look like his opposite.
Find the path of your mentor and follow.